Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON) was founded on November 29, 1999 after
formal registration under the relevant extent laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Before then,
however, there existed in Nigeria, smaller regional Associations with their activities restricted to their
particular regions within the country. These all collapsed to form a truly National Association now
known as ALGON.
ALGON is the umbrella Association of all the 774 Local Governments and Area Councils in Nigeria
and its membership is institutional, that means that Local Governments are the members but being
represented by Council Chairmen.
The Association is a veritable platform for a united Local Governments voice on socio-political issues
in Nigeria and indeed globally.

i. Promote and protect the interests, rights, privileges and autonomy of Local Government at all times.
ii. Encourage Local Governments execute the functions constitutionally assigned to them efficiently and effectively.
iii. Promote and encourage professionalism in Local Government services and contribute towards the
improvement of Local Government administration and services.
iv. Provide a forum for discussion among members and with other relevant bodies on matters of
interest to Local Governments.
v. Express the views/opinions of Local Government on Federal/State Government policies/legislation
affecting them as well as on other Local Government issues of national and global concerns.
vi. Offer advisory services to members and disseminate information on matters of importance to Local Government.
vii. Encourage investigation and research into matters relating to Local Government.
viii.Promote inter-local government co-operation/networking and joint ventures.
ix. Initiate such actions, as may be desirable and necessary to advance the interest of Local Government
as a third tier of Government.